Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Form

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Form Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan is a unique bodybuilding martial art exercise blending the movements of Taiji boxing and other martial arts and dances. The movements are strong and flexible, aggressive and defensive, full of elegance and beauty and the impressive power of martial art. It is both ornamental […]

Piotr training kung fu in china

my name is piotr Braniewski, from poland ,1 week   training kung fu in chinese taizu shaolin kungfu school . My master has been Master Shi Yan Hao who has been incredibly patient with me, taught me many things and has constantly amazed me with his high level of skill and ability in Martial Arts. […]

Tai Chi Sword Taiji jian

Tai Chi Sword tai chi sword is an important content of Taijiquan, it has two kinds of shadowboxing and swordplay style characteristics, on the one hand it should be like Taiji, showing tenderness, continual, not heavy gravity, while also showing a beautiful clear, clear sword, sword drill style and spirit. As a part of the […]

tai chi chuan forceful

Tai Chi Chuan Forceful The power of man’s body is very limited. Although history or reality does have some amazing strength, good to go flying hero, but are in the minority. Even these people, their abilities are limited. To deal with the attack, is also a human being, who own power is enough, do not […]

Different types of martial arts

Different types of martial arts In modern society, martial arts are used mostly for self-defense, sports and entertainment, but many styles of martial arts have deadly roots. With the battle of Martial Arts (MMA) and demonstrations slowly becoming a worldwide phenomenon, many people travel the world to find the best martial arts and mastery of […]

Tai Chi Chuan Philosophy

Tai Chi Chuan Philosophy It is understood that some Tai chi chuan lovers not only do not know the philosophy of Taijiquan, and even some of the main points of action and body shape, body method, hand shape, footwork, gait, etc. are also not clear. No wonder they say he is “blind”, is “confused with […]

Chen style tai chi chuan

Chen style tai chi chuan Chen style tai chi chuan is the oldest and parent form of the five traditional family styles. Chen-style is characterized by Silk reeling (chán sī jìn; 纏絲勁), alternating fast/slow motion and bursts of power (fa jin; 發勁). Contemporary t’ai chi ch’uan is typically practised for a number of widely varying […]

About Martial Arts Planet

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