It’s hard for a kid who sticks with martial arts to not excel.

It's hard for a kid who sticks with martial arts to not excel.

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The body is the prerequisite and foundation of all behaviors. Learning Wushu can not only strengthen the body, but also improve the child's memory and concentration through repeated practice of sets of Wushu movements, which is very helpful to the child's cultural learning.

Cultural learning is static, martial arts is dynamic, as long as the reasonable distribution, static and dynamic combination, in the search for physical fitness at the same time, do not excessive depletion of the child's energy, can make the child's physical and mental pleasure, balanced development.

So should you let your child learn martial arts or not?

Many parents let their children learn martial arts in order to improve their children's ability to self-protection, enhance physical fitness, less disease. In fact, there are more benefits for children to learn martial arts: it can promote the overall development of the child's body, cultivate correct body posture, improve speed, coordination, sensitivity, strength, flexibility and other qualities.

Wushu also allows children to improve spatial and temporal perception and rhythm perception and muscle control, imagination, attention, image and motor memory, imitation ability, cultivate respect for teachers and friends, unity and mutual assistance, hard work, self-discipline and discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem, courage and perseverance and other traditional national martial arts virtues.

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How to guide children to learn martial arts correctly?

martial arts is an excellent cultural tradition of the Chinese nation, inherit and carry forward the national culture of martial arts, cultivate young people, children from a young age, "sensitive thinking, good morals, interest in knowledge, healthy body, firm discipline and self-confidence in life," no matter whether it's active or quiet children, whether it's a boy or a girl are suitable to receive the Chinese martial arts Wushu is not just for children to learn martial arts, it is also for children to learn the art of martial arts.

Wushu does not only make children strong in martial arts, but also makes them physically stronger, healthier, more responsive, more disciplined, and more aesthetically heroic. They will know how to respect their teachers and develop a strong mind as well as patience, self-discipline, courage, kindness and self-confidence.

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Through the exercise of martial arts, so that children from an early age can develop independent habits, so that he can learn to be hard-working, the courage to overcome difficulties, and exercise a strong will to be tough and unyielding, so that every child can benefit from the practice of Wushu Dang, which will change the whole life, and stand up to the original choice of every parent!


Martial arts is a process that needs to be experienced personally

Martial arts is a process that needs to be experienced personally,to overcome the pain and fatigue in practicing, to overcome the fear of kicking with fists and feet, which can not be experienced in the life of the peaceful times.

In martial arts training the most real can feel the physical and spiritual conflict. This creates a change in perception and makes children more resilient!

Chinese Wushu, eating is suffering, grinding is the will, practicing is the body, strong is the heart! Nowadays, children eat, wear, live and travel, piano painting and other new age courses, nothing is missing, the lack of the annual physical test that fifty percent of the substandard! What's missing is vigor and courage! What is missing is the will and spirit! What's missing is a legacy of tradition and culture!

What is the impact of our generation on our children? Is it that there are no bumps and hurdles on the road to growth, or is it that the road has been paved for the children? How many parents say to me, I'm afraid that children can not hold on, in fact, because of the fear of children to give up suffering, then you have already for your child to admit defeat at the starting line.

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Martial arts training is good for children's character, independent thinking ability to shape and cultivate. During the training process, the instructor will teach your child to be strong and courageous like a man, and to know how to be self-reliant and self-reliant.

After each training session, the training equipment will be set up and the practice mats cleaned up, etc. The reason for letting the child do this is not to save the coach's energy, but to let him get exercise, get rid of laziness, and at the same time know how to respect the fruits of other people's labor.

Therefore, adhere to the practice of martial arts children, not excellent are very difficult.

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