Practicing Tai Chi

When practicing Tai Chi, you must know how to enjoy it, rather than working hard!

Practicing tai Chi quan is not a kind of labor, it is a kind of aerobic exercise that moves the blood internally and the body externally. In the process of practicing taijiquan, it is very enjoyable for the body and mind. It is a kind of learning that brings us to the “Tai Chi state”.

When we practice, we should not press ourselves with a task: I must spend hours practicing taijiquan and work my body very hard. This is not the case. We are regulating the body and mind, not letting the body and mind grind.

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The concept of Tai Chi health preservation

The ancient Chinese concept of health maintenance is equivalent to maintaining a car. If our body is like a cab that runs on the road twenty-four hours a day, this car will be scrapped in three years, or in five years. On the other hand, if you put this car in a garage and don’t drive it for a day, this car will also be scrapped soon. The human body, the car, we have to drive in moderation, in addition, the body of the interior, need to maintain. The engine inside the car, ah, to be often maintained. The body is in this moderate operation, from time to time to maintain the internal components, the body of this car, in order to maintain in the “Taiji state”.

Moderate physical exercise, in addition, to allow the vegetative nervous system to regulate the organs, the five viscera and six bowels, so that the five viscera and six bowels of the movement, to be maintained.

We usually see some of the way of exercise, such as running, or we can usually understand some form of exercise ah, these are the movement of the animal nerve-regulated organs. A lot of competitive sports, the Olympic Games, they train is the body hundred bones, “higher, faster, stronger”, these sports, in fact, is not health, but hurt the body.

Strictly speaking, these forms of sports, they hurt the body. It is at the expense of hurting the body. As long as the national level athletes, once retired down, all over the body is sick. They are sick all over. Because these sports, with the spirit of inspiring the whole nation to rise up, have other purposes, so let’s not talk about these for the time being.

But Tai chi, we can’t practice like this. When we practice taijiquan, we are not doing a job, we are not letting the body do a job, but we are letting the body enjoy itself. Then, what we need to move in Taijiquan is not to move the body drastically, a large amount of movement, but to let our internal organs move as well.

People, like a car, the body, like the body, the wheels, will move, and inside the internal organs, like carrying passengers in the car, the body in motion, the passenger just sitting, immobile. We will have to let these organs and organs movement.

After the organs move up, it can produce a lot of invisible energy. These energies, in turn, nourish the body. I just said that the Chinese understanding of their own body, there is an internal, an external. Within, refers to the five viscera and six bowels, outside, refers to the limbs and bones. We have to let the internal organs move, the energy generated, and then nourish the external limbs and bones.

Tai Chi health preservation

The health benefits of Tai Chi

We do not advocate day and night like a laborer, to practice taijiquan, so very tired. We ask for taijiquan, very enjoyable, all day long, with their own bodies in dialogue, let their bodies from the inside out, move a little, move a little, the body will be adjusted to the best state, and then in the push hands, and another person, hand to hand, between the heart, there is a kind of contact, there is a dialogue, there is a kind of communication. This is a kind of enjoyment.

Tai Chi Chuan is not very athletic, it does not require running fast or jumping high, it is not “higher, faster, stronger”, it may be practiced from fast to slow. It is not “higher, faster, stronger”, it may go from fast to slow. It is slower, softer and more calm. Taijiquan is developing in this direction.

When we understand the meaning of Tai Chi Retreat at this level, we can understand in what way we should learn and enjoy Taijiquan. Instead of thinking about practicing taijiquan well and surpassing others. Taijiquan cannot be practiced with this kind of concept.

Are you ready to book the tai chi retreat which will make you rested, recovered, fitter and healthier?

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