What is Nei Gong?

Nei Gong is a crucial part of martial arts practice. It is regarded as a reflection of the depth of martial arts skill and an indispensable ability when fighting external enemies.


The term internal kung fu refers to the training of the body's Nei gong and energy through various methods. Unlike external martial arts, internal martial arts focuses on internal training rather than external techniques. The purpose of nei gong is to improve physical fitness, enhance self-defense, increase endurance and concentration by means of adjusting breathing, exercising muscles, unblocking meridians and mastering mental awareness.

The core of nei gong martial arts practice

The core of nei gong martial arts practice is breath control. Through correct breathing, the breath is introduced into the dantian, gradually adjusting and stimulating the internal strength of the body. Each deep breath allows one to feel a change in internal power, and this energy can be utilized to strengthen explosive power, increase mental concentration and improve physical coordination, among other things. Neigong had been handed down only from Masters to disciples in order to cultivate, transmit, manipulate, and accumulate internal energy or Qi.

Exercising muscles is also an important part of nei gong. It is not only important to exercise the external muscles, but also to focus on the internal sinews. Through a series of exercises, such as squeezing instruments, strength training and flexibility activities, the flexibility and strength of muscles can be enhanced and the body's resistance to blows can be improved.

In addition, unblocking the meridians is also one of the key steps in internal martial arts practice. According to Chinese medicine theory, meridians are the channels for transporting qi and blood within the body, and only when they are clear and unobstructed can qi and blood flow and the body remain healthy. Through techniques such as massage, tuina and acupuncture, you can promote the smoothness of the meridians and enhance the efficiency of qi and blood flow, which in turn improves the overall quality of the body.

The importance of nei gong strength training

The cultivation of internal energy requires a long period of persistence and constant effort. Only through persistent practice can one truly feel the changes and enhancements brought about by internal energy. As a martial arts master said, "Internal energy is the foundation of a tall building, and only by building on a solid foundation can external skills be made more stable and powerful."

To summarize, internal kung fu is an integral part of martial arts practice. By practicing breath control, exercising muscles, unblocking meridians and mastering mental awareness, one can improve physical fitness, enhance self-defense, increase endurance and concentration, and so on. It is only through consistent practice that one can truly appreciate the far-reaching effects and importance of nei gong martial arts.

Finally, understanding the use of mental awareness is also an important element of nei gong martial arts practice. In martial arts practice, it is important to maintain a calm, focused and confident state of mind. Through methods such as meditation, breathing exercises and positive thinking training, one can develop an accurate perception of the external environment and the ability to respond calmly to external stimuli.


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