The Masters of kung fu school are authentic Shaolin monks from the original Shaolin Temple. Students will experience the life of a Shaolin monk. They have rich experience teaching international students in China and abroad,The Masters are dedicated to the teaching of their students and individually nurturing their potential. Students often wish to return again after training, and a deep relationship has been made between Masters and students, the period that you have been trained here may be you best memory in your life, so you can set your mind at ease to learn Kungfu in our academy.

About our kung fu master


Venerable Shaolin Abbot Shi Yong Xin

Is the Abbot of the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. Supporting the promotion of Shaolin Martial Arts, the Abbot gave his support and blessing for the founding Master Shi Yan Hao to set up the Taizu Shaolin Martial Arts School in 2012.  Shi Yong Xin was born in 1965 and joined the Shaolin Temple in 1981. He took office as the Shaolin Temple Abbot in 1999 after a long study as a monk at the Shaolin Temple and other monasteries. He became the thirtieth successor after the previous Buddhist Abbot Xue Ting Fu Yu. He is the chairman of Henan Province Buddhists Association。Orders to martial arts enthusiasts from around the world come to meet the learning needs of the Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Temple abbot Shi Yongxin new campus master plan under the guidance of Shaolin monks, Shi Yan Hao joint efforts of staff, to develop into a powerful scale of Shaolin Kung Fu Academy . Become a person's noble sentiments, Domestic and abroad, learning, communication, research and development center of Shaolin Zen culture, will inherit and promote the world's advanced communication and exchange of culture and make greater contribution.



Master Guo

Is one of the most famous traditional Chinese kungfu Master,comes from a traditional Kung Fu family .he begun to learn Wushu from eight years old , His grandfather began to train him. learned the basic skills . He then joined the local kung fu community and was taught by more professional kung fu masters.

during the martial art training hard, never talk too much, only training, seems to be one of the robot have been turning, and training. During this time, he traveled in China and learnt Tai Chi, Xingyi, Nan Quan, Fuhu Quan from different famous masters.


He has over then 25 years of teaching experience with students of different levels and nationalities. He is one of the most outstanding and famous masters in China. Guo Shifu has a very friendly and opened way of communicating with students, he shows the right methods of practicing, and can help everyone to develop an individual Kung Fu style. All the students love him as a father.


His disciples come from all over the world,such as USA,UK,France,Russia,Italy,Sweden,Finland,Korea,India and so on.


Master Guo photos :



Masters Xu (Shi Yanhao)

also came from a strong background in martial arts, and his grandfather started his training from a very young age. At the age of seven he started training in traditional martial arts in earnest as well as tai chi and boxing.Turn into 34th Generation Shaolin Monks & 6th generation of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan


By age twelve he was studying full time in the Shaolin temple. Here he gained proficiency in traditional Shaolin kung fu fighting skills, sanda, Shaolin boxing and fighting skills, Qi Gong, wudang kungfu ,qinna,Bagua, traditional forms such as Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Shaolin Luohan, Tong Bei Quan, to name a few.


His weapon forms include: drunken sword, Shaolin Pudao, Shaolin Spear, Shaolin gun, whip, broadsword, three section, double spear, straight sword and many, many more!


It is clear that there is no one favoured weapon for a Shaolin. Master Xu has his favourites: drunken sword, pu dao (a large metal staff with a large clever like blade at the top), double spears and the whip. He states that he prefers these weapons as they are his specialities, and especially enjoys the whip forms he has learnt.


Because of the international fame of the Shaolin temple it receives a multitude of requests from film companies who wish to film in the area and use the students and masters as extras or casts members. Master Xu has participated in some films, most notably 鸿门宴 (the English title is listed as 'White Vengence), and you can see pictures from his time filming in his gallery page.


He has participated in martial arts competitions and large scale performances obtaining excellent results in the General Assembly Shaolin Boxing Tournament in Dengfeng (the home of the Shaolin temple) as well as traditional routine competitions, the Sanshou Exchange Games, a performance at the highly acclaimed Shanghai Expo and many performances at the Shaolin Temple stage ground. He spent some time in Zhengzhou to participate on traditional routine form and undertook Buddhist theory at the Shaolin temple during his time there.


Because of the accomplishments throughout his training and his undoubtable skill, Master u has received commendation from the temple's abbot and the head masters - a great and hard won honour for any maestro.


In 2010 he began to teach martial arts, namely to foreign students and has quickly built up a large range of experience. His training uses a no-nonsense approach, keeping students on their toes with many different teaching methods to help increase their abilities in all areas of kung fu. A great teacher with a friendly personality and an open outlook. When he takes on new students, he quickly gains them as friends.


Master xu (shi yanhao) photos :