Handan Kung Fu dream


The inheritance of Chinese martial arts culture - the pride of the Chinese nation

Martial arts: inherit martial arts. Chinese martial arts, extensive and profound, Chinese tradition, passed down from generation to generation.

In order to inherit Chinese martial arts, under the leadership of Fan Zongbo , in April 21st, handan Ju Ying Kung Fu dream sailed Open.

Wushu shapes us, we inherit Wushu, healthy life, happy martial arts, and create strong quality. Martial arts give us health, happiness, and strength. Our strength is the power of our country. Thousands of years of heritage have been carried on by our pride. The cultural heritage of China is our fundamental.

To inherit Chinese Wushu, cultivate our health. Handan Kung Fu dream are launched every weeks. Wushu, Sanda boxing, wrestling and Taekwondo are six events, and are scheduled to enter at seven o'clock every Saturday.

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