If you are planning to come to the school, please apply at your nearest embassy for the appropriate visa. The school has been authorized as a "Forgign Affairs Unit" so that students can apply for X2 visa by the reason "short-term study" up to 6 months. For stdents who plan to stay longer, the school can help extend it further to a year. Please contact the school if you would like more information.

We recommend you to travel either over Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. From there, there are 3 ways how you can get here.
If you can’t speak any Chinese, you can print these Chinese translations as a help when you travel in China.

By plane: There is only one airport close to the academy. Here's the schedule of the flights:

feiji-chengzuo If you arrive in Shanghai or Guangzhou, there is a direct flight to Handan, it is very convenient. If you want to arrive in Beijing, you’d better reach Handan by Gaotie, it will save your time. The price of flight depends on the date you booking ticket, different state, different price.

By train:




There are many direct trains from Beijing to Handan, when you arrive at Handan, we will pick you up for free