Chin na Is the evolution from martial arts , which is characterized not only by a variety of weapons, unarmed combat techniques, the use of human joints, chakras and the vital parts of weakness, so that the other body parts have pain and fight. In the martial arts. The use of human joints, acupoints and key parts of weakness, using the lever principle and meridian theory, reverse joint action and focus on attacking each other weaknesses, which produces the physiological irresistible pain reaction, to take the place of the capture effect


And can be divided into with bone, [that] take anti joint, reinforcement, with three points, which took the bones as its core technology, its making joint as a means to tackle opponents as a goal, not to harm the opponent and was captured for superb skills, fully embodies the Chinese martial arts "a clever play the characteristics of" just, soft G.

qin-na-shou-kai qin-na qin-na-shou-fa

grappling martial arts skills from hitting evolved, what we call "Fenjincuogu hand" in the traditional martial arts martial arts for each faction will have escapement wrestling martial art to use cunning, take, lock, buckle, pull, points, tied, cut, twist, down, spin, roll, sealed, closed, etc. tactics for escapement volts with relief, control and anti-control expertise