How to practice Shen Yi and Qi in Tai Chi

What is Yi Qi Shen?

shen yi qi in tai chi

Shen refers to the human spirit, which reflects a person’s mental outlook, mood at that time, and also reflects the quality, quality, and level of a person’s physique. In the practice of Tai Chi, it is the commander-in-chief and guides the direction of Tai Chi moves. When practicing Tai Chi, the mind must be concentrated and not distracted. Be relaxed and don’t be nervous.

Yi refers to thoughts and also reflects the strength of will of a person’s character. In practicing Tai Chi, the “mind” generally moves together with the spirit. When practicing boxing, the mind should not be too heavy. If the thoughts are too heavy, it will cause mental stress and the skin and muscles of the whole body will shrink.

Qi refers to internal energy, not air. That is to say, inner Qi is inherited from parents. According to my feelings during my boxing practice, it is the driving force of life. The strength of internal Qi in the body can affect the strength of its vitality. Internal Qi frequently moves in the meridians in the body, which can not only accelerate blood circulation, but also dredge the meridians. Promote the balance of yin and yang throughout the body.

qi shen yi in tai chi chuan

The importance of spirit, mind, and qi to the human body in preventing, curing, and keeping fit.

After practicing traditional Yang Style Tai Chi, I often feel that the joints throughout the body are more flexible, the movements are coordinated, and the walking is steady and powerful. Therefore, the effect of Tai Chi on curing diseases and keeping fit mainly lies in the continuous movement of mind and body according to the routines of Tai Chi, which promotes the continuous movement of internal energy in the meridians of the body, so that the yin and yang of the whole body are coordinated and balanced, so that the body’s yin and yang are coordinated and balanced. Various physiological functions are enhanced and presented in a harmonious and balanced state. Besides, if you don’t bring out the inner energy and move it throughout the body, you can’t develop inner strength. Internal strength is also an important force in preventing and curing diseases and keeping fit.

How to refine your spirit, mind, and energy during the practice of Yang Style Tai Chi?

  • When doing the preparatory movements for Tai chi quan practice, you must truly be calm and relaxed. It means to put down all your worries, especially the annoying things, so that you can feel comfortable and practice Tai Chi wholeheartedly.
  • First of all, we must do a good job in the “three inner combinations”, that is, the harmony of spirit, mind and qi. During the boxing process, the mind and eyes work closely together to guide the upper and lower limbs according to the rules of the moves. With the whole body relaxed, the inner energy is drawn out and moved along the meridians while turning up and down, front and back, and left and right. The movement of inner energy can only be guided by divine will according to a certain route. It can be felt and cannot be imagined out of thin air. After the inner Qi is brought out, you can cultivate your spirit, mind, and Qi when practicing boxing.
  • During the whole process of practicing boxing, the whole body must be kept in a relaxed state, and attention must be paid to the role of the waist. It is said in the boxing book that “when practicing boxing, the waist is the axis.” My experience is: when turning the body back and forth, left and right, pay attention to using the belt to move. This not only takes less effort, but also makes it much easier to do. Because the rotation of the waist can drive the movement of the shoulders and hips, and the rotation of the shoulders and hips can drive the movement of the lower limbs, it takes no effort.
  • Pay attention to the movements following each other up and down: During the process of practicing boxing, if the movements can follow each other up and down, the body will be trained as a whole, and the role of Yang Style Tai Chi in cultivating spirit, intention and qi will be brought into play.

You must practice often and unremittingly, and don’t expect to see results just by practicing in the morning or evening. To practice Tai Chi, you must first firmly believe that it has the effect of curing diseases and improving health. However, the effects cannot be seen overnight. You must practice it often and for a long time. At the same time, you must constantly correct yourself during the practice process when you are not suitable for your mind and body. , the mentality, movements, and techniques of Qi movement, such as lack of concentration, lack of relaxation of the whole body, etc., let the internal Qi move in the meridians of the whole body as early as possible, so as to play the role of cultivating the spirit, mind, and Qi.

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