The Meteor Hammer


There are two types of meteor hammers: a double-headed version and a single-headed version.


Meteor hammer

The double-headed meteor hammer is typically 2–3 meters in length (traditionally 2 meters) with a spherical head on each end. While the ends of the meteor hammer can be heavier than a rope dart head, the difference in weight is not normally great. Some meteor hammer versions have heads which are much lighter than most rope dart heads. The lighter versions of this weapon are typically used for practice and for modern wu shu displays since they are faster and less dangerous.


shaolin meteor hammer

The single-headed version of this weapon is used in a similar manner to the rope dart in that it is a long reach weapon with a single head. The main difference between the headed meteor hammer and a rope spear is that traditionally the meteor hammer has an end shaped similar to an egg or melon. The single end can traditionally weigh up to 3 kg[2] and is attached to a rope that can be 6 meters (20 ft) in length (in contrast a rope dart is typically 3.6 meters long). Because of these traits, a single headed meteor hammer can be a very effective weapon, despite being very difficult to control. The weapon could attack in multiple directions and even in an arching pattern when engaged in formation attacks. This weapon would be tossed up and over an enemy formation to hit troops not yet engaged in the head.

Combat And Practical use

  • Speed: it is very fast to manage and to follow
  • Effectiveness: to make it useful in real combat it is necessary an extremely high skill level (unknown in our century)
  • Power: due to the inertia of the movements it gains a big amount of power, enough to broke human bones
  • Advantages: long range, fast, hard to follow with the sight and devastating impacts
  • Disadvantages: at close distance and / or grasped, it loses a big part of its effectiveness
  • Self-defense: it is a weapon hard to recognize but not enough versatile to be used in an improvised street context (it is very long)
  • Useful to: in training to develop high-quality spatial intelligence (read The most important skill in combat)
  • Ideal environment: open areas, both in training, both in combat
  • Effective applications: against unarmed opponents or to catch someone by surprise
    How to evaluate the quality level: the rope must be strong but comfortable to grab, the metal must be good quality, filled and not too small
  • Danger level: high (when the hammer moves fast, it reaches incredible inertia, the impact with it can be disastrous)
  • Level of preparation required: the highest possible (spatial intelligence, etc.); outside an exhibition, it is one of the hardest weapons to use

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