How to practice Shen Yi and Qi in Tai Chi

What is Yi Qi Shen? Shen refers to the human spirit, which reflects a person’s mental outlook, mood at that time, and also reflects the quality, quality, and level of a person’s physique. In the practice of Tai Chi, it is the commander-in-chief and guides the direction of Tai Chi moves. When practicing Tai Chi, […]

kung fu Girls

Kung Fu for Girls Practicing kung fu is not only for boys, but also a good choice for girls. And practicing kung fu can accomplish the beauty of girls’ just. Since childhood, we are often attracted to martial arts women in some movies or TV dramas, who are agile, skillful and exude a unique charm […]

Tai Chi in the Park

Why Learn Tai Chi in the Park? Tai Chi, an ancient form of fitness originating in China, has won worldwide acclaim for its soothing rhythm and overall health benefits. So , Why Learn Tai Chi in the Park? This article will explore this question in several ways. Environmental Advantages First of all, parks are ideal […]


What is Bigu 辟谷? Bigu辟谷 is a health regimen that involves reducing or stopping the intake of food by abstaining from eating and drinking. It originated from the wisdom of ancient philosophers and physicians, and has been rediscovered and re-emphasized in modern busy urban life. Although grain refraining can bring many benefits The main purpose […]

Practicing Tai Chi

When practicing Tai Chi, you must know how to enjoy it, rather than working hard! Practicing tai Chi quan is not a kind of labor, it is a kind of aerobic exercise that moves the blood internally and the body externally. In the process of practicing taijiquan, it is very enjoyable for the body and […]

Feiyue Shoes Kung fu

Who is Feiyue? Feiyue literally means “Flying Forward” and symbolizes the dual elevation of both body and mind. This lightweight canvas plimsoll first hit the streets of Shanghai in the 1920’s famous for its robustness, flexibility and comfort. Bringing together all walks of life, from workers, Shaolin Monks to politicians, Feiyue shoes crossed borders and […]

The Meteor Hammer

The Meteor Hammer The meteor hammer (Chinese: 流星錘;), is an ancient Chinese weapon, One of the flexible or “soft” weapons,In combat it functions like a flail being swung in circles either fast or slow. One end can be released to extend the chain in order to hit an opponent. dependent upon region, construction and intended […]