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If you’d like to attend training at Taizu traditions kungfu school , please fill out the following application form and click on the “Submit Form” button below.

We will let you know within 2 days if you have been accepted for training. At that time, your next step is to pay a non-refundable $100 USD application fee to guarantee a place for you at the academy on the date you desire to arrive. For your convenience and security, we use PayPal for online payments

We recommend that you submit the form one to six months prior to planned arrival in order to finish all the travel preparations, such as visa and plane tickets.

Note:We will get back to you at the first time we get your message. If you don’t hear from you in the next three days, please email us directly at or call our consultant Joy at he mobile 0086-151- 0266-1196 and  Wechat  15102661196,which is available 24 hours a day.
If it happens that the online submit failed, please send your info to directly.


For your convenience and securiy,we use paypal for online payments. Click on the button below to pay the application fee.

Pay With Your Credit Card Via Paypal

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You Have to Pay :
$100 USD. of Application Fee