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tai chi sword

tai chi sword is an important content of Taijiquan, it has two kinds of shadowboxing and swordplay style characteristics, on the one hand it should be like Taiji, showing tenderness, continual, not heavy gravity, while also showing a beautiful clear, clear sword, sword drill style and spirit.
As a part of the Taijiquan series, Taiji sword has been transformed and developed on the basis of ancient fencing. "Forty shi two style" Taiji sword has unique style features, soft and soothing movements, beautiful and elegant, and the body is quiet, comfortable, comfortable, and internal and external unity. Easy to practice, moderate exercise, illnesses and physical fitness.

traing tai chi sword

To improve the accuracy and phase requirements: sword action coordination; relax nature, fist; speed suitable, rhythm is obvious; without stop, natural and unrestrained; no opponent wins for enemies; each style, outstanding style.

  • sword accurate and coordination
    In the primary stage only requires clear and correct action and sword; in the improvement phase is required not only to understand the accurate swordsmanship, swordsmanship, and Ming Jianli.
    Sword movement is more complex, high consistency of human requirements, coordination is the base of beauty, but also improve the strength of the foundation, how to realize the coordination?
    Relax your body: relax your body so that it can be coordinated;
    The waist as the axis: the waist as the axis, through the rotation of the waist to drive other parts of the body is easy to coordinate;
    The sword with the drill: Taiji sword, sword role, provided that requires the action route, sword and sword opened and closed, and natural coordination tacit understanding;
    The real time walkthrough: Tai Chi sword, also calls attention to the change of heart, step, began to focus first unchanged, first step, and then the virtual, center of gravity slowly transform to the next action, and to transform the motion center in place at the same time, the coordination required. The exercise was not coordinated, not to force Shunda, check on the lower limbs with appropriate; rotation and motion of the limbs with waist: Specification and whether the right action sword line; acceleration time is not appropriate.
  •  heavy zhou , natural pine
    For loose waist sink span, action strength, accurate swordsmanship calm; coordination; force from the waist, through to arms.
  • suitable speed and obvious rhythm
    At the beginning of the speed is too fast, mainly clarify the action route, pay attention to the correct position, after the drill speed, while paying attention to Tai Chi Sword rhythm, the rhythm is Taiji sword action, move among force and soft fluctuated; the order of priority, the strength is big is small; a speed and rhythm show. When practicing Wudang Taiji sword, you should pay attention to the speed and the phases. When you practice the competition routine, you can master the speed according to the corresponding music.
  • without stop, chic and elegant
    In the primary stage of the basic requirements of action coherence, in improving the stage requirements, chic and elegant without stop. This requires careful study of each movement between the convergence, the main point is to use a good waist, attention to the opening and closing of small movements.
  • no opponent wins on the enemy
    Tai Chi Sword is a kind of martial arts equipment, is the prince of hundred soldiers, a strong offensive and defensive means, so, what is the role for each action fighting sword? Should clear up, deep research, usually although single exercise, but must have strong offensive and defensive means.
  • each style, style prominent
    All kinds of Taiji sword has its own style and characteristics, each person has their own style; drill to grasp all kinds of characteristics, develop their own style, exercise competition routines should pay attention to action requirements, try to stretch and relax.

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