Mi Zong Quan 迷踪拳


Mi Zong Quan <迷踪拳> is Chinese Martial Arts Qi Yi, also called Yan Qing Quan , Mi Lu Quan , Mi Zong Yi.


The characteristics of action is qing ling mi jie , ling huo duo bian , jiang jiu yao tui gong li , jiao xia hou shi , gong jia duan zheng , fa li chong zu. With eyes, kicking and unique style: the eyes focus on one point, taking into account the eight party, can eye body, eyes help strength. The requirements of full force strength . All from of gloves mostly by various hands, step type, kicking, balance, jumping and other more than and 50 actions. The techniques of upper limb swing, shoot, roll, etc. had hit, lower extremity jump, cutting, hanging and wound on the leg, with the flash, and so, shrinkage method, composition of attack defense technology strong. Emphasis on its gait cha deng tao bu , shan zhan teng na , cuan beng tiao yue .


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