luohanquan 少林罗汉拳

Shaolin luohan boxing。 As the representative of Shaolin Temple boxing.

In fact, arhat boxing as it will come into physical fitness, and the eighteen Arhats hand later evolved to combat the arhat boxing.
The main characteristic of the attack based, rigorous structure, as neat, simple and generous, continuous action. Pay attention to the shot on the lower, inside and outside; Yin and Yang; more broken, broken below; refers to the right to the left, making the actual uncertain, rapidly changing. For gas blowing teeth, sound like thunder, shake the body sway arm, waist hip adjustment, collapse shaking force, to shout with shortness of breath and stress.


But one of the arhat boxing Shaolin kempo out. Strong positive in the fist, the characteristics of a faction of the north. The hard horse, make people feel the power and masculinity, plus the repertoire arrangement is exquisite, the whole punch is very smooth, beautiful.

The Shaolin Arhat Boxing which is the same as the Luohan fis has a total of 108 various movements from six forms of fist movements and two palm forms of movements and other four forms of both locking and grappling. Each of the movement of Arhat Boxing is differentiated and is simple and straight. Practical each of the movement takes pride on the simplicity plus the beauty of expressions found in the Arhat Statutes. Each of the powerful attack is also hidden within the movements of each Arhat forms。

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