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Who is Feiyue?

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Feiyue literally means “Flying Forward” and symbolizes the dual elevation of both body and mind. This lightweight canvas plimsoll first hit the streets of Shanghai in the 1920’s famous for its robustness, flexibility and comfort. Bringing together all walks of life, from workers, Shaolin Monks to politicians, Feiyue shoes crossed borders and generations to land in France in 2006. Without losing any of its authentic vintage charm, this lightweight canvas shoe then underwent a series of transformations. Its DNA gradually evolved, combining French and international influences.

Fei Yue Shoes For Kung Fu

Fei yue shoes was born in the 1930s and became famous for its comfort, especially for the need to practice martial arts. Feiyue originated from Shanghai in 1920.

Kung fu training not only requires you to have the right apparel but also requires you to get the right shoes.However ,
Exercises such as various kinds of running, jumping, push-ups, etc. Then the “child skills” such as flexibility and balance are practiced. Flexibility training is done via stretching exercises, and balance training is done via keeping the body balanced in different childish skills postures for a while.

feiyue kung fu shoes

This shoe tops our list, Feiyue started out providing the go-to footwear for Shaolin monks; the shoes were lightweight . fashion, and comfort to kung fu. With its kick-back style, lightweight construction, and versatile design, the shoe offers everything you may need to perfect your kung fu. It also has a breathable canvas upper that allows free air circulation which offers additional health benefits. It is very lightweight, wear-resistant and comfortable to wear. These shoes provide maximum traction for ultimate performance. Its design is suitable for kung fu training people.

What shoes do Shaolin monks wear?

shaolin Monks Wear the feiyue shoes

Feiyue shoes were first introduced in the 1920s, Feiyue got their start making shoes for martial artists. found popularity amongst China’s Shaolin Monks and Kung Fu Masters. With its extreme flexibility, traction and comfort, this Feiyue Kung Fu Shoes product became the popular shoe to wear in the Martial Arts community.


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