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Drunken Fist Boxing kung fu

drunken fist

Drunken fist kung fu (Chinese: 醉拳; pinyin: Zuì Quán ) is a general name for all the styles of Chinese martial arts that imitate a drunkard. It is an ancient style and its origins are mainly traced back to the famous Buddhist and Daoist sects. The Buddhist style is related to the Shaolin temple while the Daoist style is based on the Daoist tale of the drunken Eight Immortals. Zui quan has the most unusual body movements among all styles of Chinese martial arts. Hitting, grappling, locking, dodging, feinting, ground and aerial fighting and all other sophisticated methods of combat are incorporated.

Drunken Fist form is an imitation of a drunk Chinese traditional boxing action. This punch up, like a drunk drunk stumbled, swaying, but is actually drunk in appearance, is composed of strict martial arts techniques, footwork, body and other routine, not only has practical value, but also have high artistic value. Finally, in the "Taibai drunk" and "Wu Song drunk down" (i.e. Yuhuan Yuanyang, random walk, foot) "Lu Zhishen drunk playing gate", "Drunken kung fu Master". Drunken Master and composition of different image, according to the different names of different contents of the routine, but all cannot do without the drunken drunken shape. Finally, because of its content fall and roll motion, so it is considered to be "zui quan". Is one of the excellent cultural heritage of the Han nationality, one of the boxing as one of the essence of the spread down.

drunken fist form have: eyes, hands, body about techniques, legs, step. Eye view, but, at a little;, cover, split, plug, Diao take, mining, buckle; body suffer hit squeeze on a leg; hook, hanging, disc, scissors, lifting, kicking, bomb, wrapped; there are steps, falling into the the withdrawal, crushing, za , hammer, cover etc..

The technical features of zui quan are based on imitating a drunkard

The main body method is called sloshing, which refers to "Hollow Body, Wine Belly" concept, as though the body is hollow and the lower abdomen (丹田; dantian) is filled with wine (instead of Qi), which travels through the body adding power to the movements.The postures are driven by weight and momentum of the whole body, staggering around, creating sudden power from awkward positions, and fluidity in the movements and transitions from one pose to another. Drunken body style seems peculiar and off-balance, but it is actually in balance.

Drunken boxing style

Is among the most difficult styles of wushu due to the need for advanced basic requirements. Its intangible, heavy sloshing power is gained through training the body to be soft and agile through basic training and the drunken forms. While in fiction practitioners of zui quan are portrayed as being actually drunk, zui quan techniques are highly acrobatic and require a great degree of balance and coordination, such that attempting to perform these moves while drunk is dangerous, if not impossible.

Drinking boxing, swaying, and falling with great momentum are used to fight. This power must be from softness and heaviness. Even the most unusual parts of the body are actively used to attack and defend. The main hand gesture imitates holding a small cup of wine. This semi-closed hand uses back of the hand, fingers, palms, wrists, forearms, and other parts to attack or defend, grab or throw, lock or release, etc. Fists are rarely used. This style tricks opponents into unpredictable situations of attack and defense. Aerial and ground dodges and falls can be used to avoid attacks but also to pin attackers to the ground while vital points are targeted.

Exercise requirements made drunken fighter, shen chuan yi fa, shou jie yan kuai , bu sui ling huo , gang rou xiang ji , dong su jing ding , xing shen jian bei. Drunken drunk in the shape like reel right and left, but requires boxing proverbs says "drunk in appearance", "step with not drunk, in the tumble, swaying movements, everywhere implies the flash, exhibition, Teng, Norway, Xu Shou, every real hair and avoid, and take advantage of the crack and enter. Refers to the east to the West and other martial arts martial arts Han points. Drunken waist flexibility and joint flexibility, visceral functions and qualities of the demand is higher, and the performance can give a person a kind of tall, lithe, graceful feeling.

Drunken Film

  • Zui quan received mainstream media attention outside of China after the premiere of the Jackie Chan film Drunken Master in 1978. Since then, Drunken style has featured in many books, movies, comics, games and television shows. This was followed up by the 1994 film Drunken Master II (The Legend of Drunken Master) and the 2008 film The Forbidden Kingdom.
  • In Last Hero in China, Jet Li's character Wong Fei-Hung broke his toes when attempting to perform a No Shadow Kick on an enemy. As a last resort, he started drinking from nearby wine-jugs, and thus began to use Zui quan, referring to it as "The Drunken Disciples of God".
  • The character of So Chan, played by Donnie Yen in the movie Hero Among Heroes, uses zui quan to defeat the main villain.
  • Neo, in The Matrix, is taught Drunken style among the martial arts uploaded to him via direct implantation into his brain.
  • In Yuen Woo Ping's film, True Legend, the main protagonist, Su Can, or "Beggar So" develops zui quan after a drunken Immortal played by Jay Chou appears to him in a bar.
  • In The World's End, Gary King and his crew use less than graceful variants of zui quan against the Blanks, becoming more "proficient" after each drink- the stunts were coordinated by Brad Allen, who has worked with Jackie Chan in the past.


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