Yang Style Tai Chi 杨氏太极拳

Yang style Taijiquan is a long history of Chinese martial arts, one of the most important schools of Taijiquan, is Yang Luchan from Yongnian and Hebei city of Handan Province Yang ban Hou, Yang Jianhou, Yang Shaohou, Yang Chengfu, et al. Development of the sun's creation. As the young's Taijiquan posture, smooth and simple, simple practices, so he loved by the masses, to carry out the most widely. Yang Tai Chi hand eye body and feet have strict requirements, and boxing promoter, hand eye body step correctly according to the requirements in order to receive good results.

Yang Tai Chi is the birthplace of Hebei Yongnian cantonese. Guangfu ancient city is located in Yongnian County of Hebei province Handan City Guangfu Town, has a long history, beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural heritage, is the ancient city, the one and only city, Tai Chi city.


Yang Tai Chi training stressed that slow, soft, special emphasis on speed and uniformity.

taichi-quan taiji-kungfus

The essence of Taijiquan is the art of self-defense is. yang Taijiquan is even more so, it stressed that with the adhesion James, do not lose no roof, strength implies an hand in a velvet glove, and a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, hidden, beatings do not reveal its shape, to resign oneself to others, introducing failed, Killing with Kindness, si liang bo qian jin unique style of martial arts, Wei zhen. wushu jie.


In our Handan Taizu Academy,there are professional Yang style Tai chi masters who also know other styles.The students can learn Tai chi here in peaceful Handan city.


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