shaolin xiao hong chuan 小洪拳


Shaolin Xiao Hong Chuan (also known as Small Form Hong Boxing in English) is one of the basic shaolin forms in Chinese Shaolin martial arts. The movement is simple and plain but attack and protection are very exact and precise. The position is small and requires sudden and quick strength with a secret force, as well as coupling hardness with softness and the compulsory form.

Shaolin xiao hong quan Wushu belongs to Shaolin boxing boxing skills is a compulsory basic routine, routine learning Shaolin boxing, known as "eighteen." the said.
This is the xiao hong quan step, lunge, horse step, squat step, empty step, basically arranged a common step boxing styles; hand shape, palm fist grasping techniques Wuhua; pushing palm, marketable, wrench, cut hand, hand, grazing stopped up, hand signs of grasping hands a punch; split up, hit boxing, boxing and other side; foot has poured hook foot; leg kicking, spring and jump; body turning, shrinking; eye stare, have many, violence, stare, constitute a complete hand foot, eyes, body, footwork, formed a theory and method of attack and defense technology system.

shaolin-xiao-hong-quan xiaohong-quan-wushu

The posture rhythm was little and dainty, vigorous and simple technique, no flower, including trick attack and defense, action in combat, from first to last line, highlighting the characteristics of all the Shaolin boxing.

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