shaolin wu xing ba fa 五形八法


Shaolin five xing eight form of law, is the north to send shaolin. This is one of the Zen boxing boxing, the combination of internal and external characteristics, both spirit and form. The contents include: dragon, tiger, leopard, crane, snake boxing and five kinds of type, skills, ideas, work, boxing, leg, lariat, body step, sound with gas and other eight kinds of exercises exercise.

wuxing-bafa wu-xing-hu-quan

wu-xing-bao-quan wuxing-wushu-quan


The boxing is not only practiced art, but also advocated "training body repair heart". Dragon shaped boxing, advocated for the first, keep the breath, the main practice of God "". This has a good effect on regulating the function of the central nervous system. Tiger shaped boxing, waist arm countersunk (head straight in real practice the main bone ")". Helps to regulate body shape, exercise waist, legs, shoulders, back muscles and promote bone growth, especially for young people to cultivate the correct posture, to promote the normal development of a very good. Leopard boxing force rapidly, 'violent, practice the main force "". Can enhance the strength, improve the agility and speed and quality. Snake boxing soft clever swift, practice the main gas "". Not only can exercise deep breathing, increase lung capacity, but also can promote blood circulation, improve cardiovascular function. Crane boxing steady gentle, Jujing attentively, practice the main "fine". The inner spirit of the people can be cultivated, the mind is clear, the spirit is excited, and the function of each organ system of the whole body can be improved.

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