wu style Taiji quan 武氏太极拳


Wu Style Taijiquan is one of China's traditional Taijiquan five schools, the principle of complete and careful and delicate, "in order to Tai Chi (in shape), go in the strength, Yi Qi, practicing fine, gas, God three in one". The technology is characterized by "change because of the enemy, leveraging hit, with the transformation to dominate the shape of the movement, stressed the inner strength and not exposed to shape, for me, and I do not for the magical realm of people.


The study of Wu Style Tai Chi, a test method to check each Xiang Yong lead its technique, revised and repeated notes, so Chinese boxing potential available, no empty frame.

Tai Chi Chuan is a whole movement, the requirements of the "motionless, two static without static". Intended through the overall movement, to achieve the purpose of the overall force. This is a fundamental requirement based on Wu Style Tai Chi founder Mr. Wu Yu Xiang pay special attention to the quality of it based learning boxing, magnet, we can have a good quality of boxing. As the saying goes: "the tree from the root, the water from the source stream.

Wu Style Taijiquan not only makes people skill, prolong life, more important people can edify sentiment, temperament, attitude change and peaceful, calm, a reborn sense, improve the quality of life.

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