Tai Chi Chuan Philosophy

Tai Chi Chuan Philosophy

It is understood that some Tai chi chuan lovers not only do not know the philosophy of Taijiquan, and even some of the main points of action and body shape, body method, hand shape, footwork, gait, etc. are also not clear. No wonder they say he is "blind", is "confused with practice". This is the root cause of the "low level, high level and little height" in the current Taijiquan exercise, and it should be paid attention to in the development of taijiquan.

Playing clear boxing should be the aspiration and goal of every fan of taijiquan. Only understand the boxing theory of boxing, in order to learn faster, practice norms, really play the role of fitness self-defense.
How can I play clear boxing? I realize that we should work hard at four aspects, namely, learning, understanding, exchanging and practicing.


  1. Learning is to actively learn boxing boxing theory. Fist, learn Taijiquan first learn to read. It's easy to learn boxing. Boxing boxing theory is the theoretical basis of Tai Chi Chuan exercise, the level of theoretical quality determines the level of the different learning boxing boxing skills. Only to master the theory of boxing boxing, in order to fundamentally understand boxing, boxing master. Therefore, each of the SLA boxing ought to make full use of all kinds of favorable conditions, the study of Taijiquan theory in the first place, to learn the classic "Tai chi chuan theory" as the main content, combined with the contemporary teacher learning works, and strive to find out from the combination of theory and practice some problems. What is cases of Tai Chi, Tai Chi, the theoretical foundation of Taijiquan Taijiquan principle, characteristics and operation rules, tactics and skills of Taijiquan ,Taijiquan basic principle, operation principle and specifications, Taijiquan and scientific fitness, so as to understand the purpose of the boxing theory.
  2. To understand is to use your head more, and to figure out what you don't understand by thinking and pondering. The size and quality of savvy are directly related to the level of artistic skill. For example, "walk like a cat, you must carefully pondering, what is observed, it realized the catwalk" brisk, calm, gentle and soft. Another example is the "strength as spinning", you have to carefully observe, "on foot" uniform, calm and continuous. To understand these, walking and strength movement will be well done. Therefore, the SLA boxing is frequently self analysis, from the ideological understanding of the action essentials, specifications, and meaning, can understand. For each move, each action, not only to understand its external structure, internal factors, but also to understand its punch. Especially for some minor "zhikeyihui unspeakable," place, should strive to understand the spiritual essence of repeated experience. We should know ourselves correctly, appraise ourselves, and often self-examination and self-examination. In this way, the level of exercise will naturally continue to improve. Do not want to spend more brain, do not understand the meaning of each action, do not ask why to do so, but mechanically follow the "gourd than gourd gourd", "people do what we are doing", boxing skills level is difficult to improve.
  3. In order to promote and develop Taijiquan, it is important to strengthen the extensive communication and mutual communication among the boxing friends, and use the wisdom of others and improve their artistic skills. Emancipate your mind, break your ego, and touch as many friends as you can. Don't put yourself in a small circle, to use observation, discussion, research, training and other forms of communication, or opportunity, learn problems; actively participate in performances, competitions, "the station by singing, show yourself, find the gap; often with each other to learn from each other to correct each other to be able to stand on their own; the other look at yourself and others on their own, such as the conditions, should also find a teacher to give advice.
  4. Practice, practice, practice is. Practice every day, practice every year, practice for a long time, live to the ripe old. This requires perseverance, determination, perseverance and the spirit of endurance. It is said that martial arts, martial arts, "Wu" is out of practice, not practice into the "wu". Practice is the root and practice is the best policy. Anything, if you want to know it, grasp it, must have a long-term, gradual accumulation process. Learning boxing. The process of training is the process of perception, that is, gradually understand it, be familiar with it, explore its laws, master it and control it. Only thoroughly tempered, hands-on, in order to understand the meaning of action skill, familiar to use, by coincidence, "hit a million times, it is". The impetuous, lazy and don't work hard, try to in a short time through what "door", a shortcut to success is not possible. Especially some difficult movements are more like this. At the same time, also learning boxing is like riding a boat behind. Many boxing friends have such experience: some routines do not practice for a few days, and then practice will feel a bit rusty, and even forget the action, after recovery, to normal. As the proverb goes, "one day's work, one day without ten days."." Saint Chen Fake before his death was in the hands of son continuous writing "practice practice", its good intentions are here.

The art of boxing is endless. As long as the aim is firm, the art of boxing will continue to be lifted

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