tai chi chuan forceful

Tai Chi Chuan Forceful

The power of man's body is very limited. Although history or reality does have some amazing strength, good to go flying hero, but are in the minority. Even these people, their abilities are limited. To deal with the attack, is also a human being, who own power is enough, do not need to pursue what pieces of gold broken jade special skills, unrealistic, or some Impenetrable Defence iron fir: strong step like body is made of meat, can not stop the sword, not afraid of spear the sword is a myth; if the encounter will force to fight, the same can not resist. There are several elements of Wushu: strength, speed, skill, direction (quite important, many people have neglected), strength is primary, strength training is essential. The use of fitness equipment to strengthen the force is very feasible method, and unlike some people say that Taijiquan is home boxing, do not practice force, just practice Qi and so on.

The same is true of how it is applied to each other after it has enough power to defeat its opponent. This has to be done with strength, from the sole to the tip of the hand. Taijiquan and the whole strength namely more so.

  • "Full strength" needless to say, there is no whole strength, people are scattered, and nothing to force and fight against. It's the first step to do the exercises together, and that's the first step. This is the second step by pushing your hand down the center of gravity. How to hold in the round of pushing the process, how to put the power to the soles of the feet, the overall strength of how to control the center of gravity and the use of the body, this is the third step, in fact, is to use the waist hip force, the hands of others no matter how powerful is smaller than your waist.
  • "Inch strength" requires considerable skill. Compared with the whole strength, namely the principle is the same, the same is a waist to hip force. Only the entire strength is slow, and only pursue force is very short and stick to that. In this way, many people still don't understand.

For example, how can the ball be played farther by taking the ball? Not big enough, you can kick:

  1. the force is to use large joints, in fact, that is, with the waist and hip force.
  2. kicking the body before the festival, that is, the ankle can not force tight, to relax (relax, not relax, not do not force), otherwise the hip can not afford to throw up, the power can not send out.
  3. when the force of the body forward, hip then thrown, rather than feet directly backward! Namely: hand is playing again, rather than directly with the body forward hand out, is not out of the.
  4. contact for an instant, ankle taut, or ankle may be injured. And because the ankle is not taut, it is recycled, causing a buffer, and the force applied to the ball is cut.
  5. contact with the ball, the body will continue to follow the direction of forward, increasing contact with the ball from the instep. According to the mechanical formula: doing work = force * distance, increasing contact distance, so that the force continues to play on the ball, you can increase the work of the ball.
  6. after the completion of the force, the center of gravity is not lost. When you finish playing, you have to stand firmly.


The above six points for a tip section is in hand, it is namely! Electricity is not what special mysterious thing, by now a through interpretation. Start in situ practice forward force, experience how to force in the foot, how to use large joint force - fist need not be recovered before you can play. Hand directly, when more than to call back.

The body forward, hands up, there is a natural force distance; fist into contact with each other and then force on the front foot strength, the body should be rushing, and sit down force, increase the strength and stability. Finally, the direction of the force, should take a taxi to sit under the body and "direction" - if to prior to or above the play, the opponent can go back, or to jump to cushion your power; as to "below" play, your power and ground to form a pincer attack, first he not escape, the second forces can be as much as possible on him. Imagine a man leaning against the wall next to a fist, for nothing to stop and homeopathy retreat, that feel better?

Then can practice in all directions, the same reason, but in all directions to force more difficult. Finally, you can practice walking force, the truth is exactly the same. It should be assisted to strength training practice, and you do not send namely contradiction between the power of push ups, namely, the greater the power, you can practice the electricity is larger, especially the waist and hip .


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