Shaolin Seven Star Form 七星拳

Shaolin seven star Form

shaolin qi xing quan

Seven Star boxing Is one of the best martial arts of Han nationality, is a former Shaolin seven door housekeeping boxing, Shaolin martial arts is one of the basic, flexible, seven star boxing dapper, and has the characteristics of woniu to punch.

Seven Star boxing is a long history, rich content, unique style, widely spread, is an excellent Chinese traditional culture. Today's most widely circulated in Shaolin Temple. It is practicing like cats, such as tiger, referring to the world of Beidou Saturn with its unique positioning, movement posture, gait and step type. Step type feet after standing in a line and Qi, known as the small number, this action is also a test of Shaolin masters in practice Shaolin Kung Fu when the depth of the standard.The momentum is compelling ,Da kai da he,xun lei yan er su du.

qixing-quan qixing-quan-wujing

The style characteristics of the boxing is: the technique of sharp, changeable, magical leg body naturally clever, as have a ready pen, stretch generous, hands, eyes, body, step, fine, gas, God, strength like commites , all blend into one harmonious whole, its potential male fierce.

Action Essentials: close up close to the left leg clapping, fist waist, left swing, left side visual.

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