Shaolin Qi Mei Gun


Shaolin gun <staff > in the most prestigious foundation is Qimei gun. Due to " staff high and Mei Qi" and its name. The staff is a kind of Chinese martial arts equipment. The stick stick to brow, stick to the high brow Qi, dancing can beng , wu dong, split, to xia pi, flexible stick whistle, the momentum is very fierce.


Cudgel is a kind of martial arts equipment training, exercise routine with cudgel from set, collapse, winding, dial, blocking, sealing, lifting, sweep, in the form of a single collective practice training, etc.. To arm round heat in the exercise, body stick a penetrating rod tip, the wind whistled and the fast and powerful requirements. Hold hands stick open, when rotating to mellow freely, stick dance requires hands, eyes, body, method, step in harmony, to help improve the physical strength and speed, endurance, courage and indomitable spirit cultivation.

Mei Qi "and its name, it is of moderate size, in the dance, not only can reverse maneuvers, Japanese, split, return, dance, flexible stick whistle and imposing, practicing, playing a stick sweep away the millions of enemy troops, the power of infinity. From the basic routine to esoteric skills, full demonstration. Graphic combination moves exercises detailed analysis, careful coaching experience in martial arts. The basic grip of the law, the 7 basic routine, 6 basic steps, 31 strokes authentic Shaolin Qimei gun Wu Yi, complete routine, coherent, vigorous and brave, super outbreak.

Shaolin Qimei Gun Tu Fen Jie




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