Shaolin Mei Hua Dan Dao 少林梅花单刀


The knife is the "bai bing zhi dan", is one of the most important equipment in the Chinese martial arts. Since ancient times, most people who practice martial arts with a knife, summed up many Daofa routines.

The characteristics of Shaolin mei hua dan dao is twining head, flip up, split sweep thorn, the cloud hanging bracket with pick, and fast and imposing vigorous, such as tigers in general, is one of the classic method of Shaolin wushu.

Plum knife dapper, tight structure, blade changeable, simple action vigorously, simple and easy to practice. Knife to split, with twining head, drill up, left and right, up and down, like a plum fly.

  1. "knife Zhao chen Meng ", compared to a sword , the doors wide open, and attack power no diminished.
  2. "dan dao kan shou, shuang dao kan zou", in the disengaged hand to step in the blade and is extremely important.

Knife for the "various arts of the bile, known as the" dan ru meng hu“, said.


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