Shaolin Eagle talons cannon boxing 少林鹰爪炮拳

Shaolin talons cannon boxing created for the Song Dynasty Shaolin Temple boxer Zhou Tong, Shaolin boxing of authentic esotericism. This routine is small, compact and practical, both offensive and defensive action, smooth and elegant, with claws, pictographs and grasping hands, so named.

ying-zhao-pao-quan ying-zhao-gong

The main techniques are grasping, playing, pinch, take, turn, collapse, hook, hug. For hand hold back chipping, fight, grab the other wrist, tendon, bone and other key points of joint clearance.

Its characteristics are: claw abundant technique, snatch pinch, flip up and down, a fast, copying made boxing, xingshenjianbei. For hand hold back, collapse, fenjincuogu, acupuncture breath, flexible turning and God like eagle.




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