Rope Dart weapons

Rope Dart Weapon

rope dart

A rope dart, or shéng biāo in Mandarin Chinese, is a flexible weapon of Chinese origin that consists of a long rope with a metal dart attached at one end. The Rope Dart is a flexible weapon that is easily concealed. With a large steel dart attached to the end of a 12' rope, this was considered one of the more dangerous armaments in ancient China.

Rope dart skill

Rope dart play consists of twining, shooting, and retrieval. Twining and shooting can be done from any joint such as foot, knee, elbow, and neck. The rope is anchored on one hand and played primarily with the other hand. which allows the user to throw the dart out at a long-range target and use the rope to pull it back.

It can not only throw far strike, but also shorten near strike. It has the characteristics of easy to carry, concealed binding, sudden strike and unprepared. During the exercise, all parts of the body are used to do various actions of winding, retracting and releasing, so that the dart can come out when it transiently changes from circular motion to linear motion. The rope dart can be used for twining, binding, circling, hitting, piercing, tightening, slashing and other techniques.

Rope dart attack mainly reflects a "skillful" word, it pays attention to the vertical hit a line, horizontal hit a piece. The method of dart is clear, brave and fast. It also talks about the combination of speed and slowness, the combination of strength and softness, and the compatibility of length. The dart moves around and changes with each step. It can send and receive freely, fast but not chaotic. Hand, eye, body method and step are in harmony, clean and agile, with the integration of essence, Qi, spirit, strength and Gong, and the unity of mind and skill. People follow the darts, and the darts follow the people. As an extension of people's hands, the darts move freely.

Rope dart training method

The training method of rope dart is different from other concealed weapons. Because of the rope, it can use the strength of the rope to send darts. But aiming is not easy. When practicing, draw a pair of chalk circles with a diameter of about one foot on the wall as the target, and the height is equal to the shoulder of the practitioner. The exerciser stood at a distance of five feet. First, wrap the end of the rope around the left wrist, or take a small loop at the end of the rope and put it on the left wrist, just like the wrist sling of whip rope. Then hold the upper part of the rope with your left hand, close to the head of the dart, about three feet apart. Hold the bamboo tube in your right hand, and put your hands on the upper half of your left and right waist. Use the strength of the right arm to lift the dart so that it is perpendicular to the outside of the right waist. Then from the bottom up, from the front around the back, fell into a circle. After two or three weeks of throwing, the strength is enough. When the dart reaches the front and the shoulder is at the same level, the left hand becomes flexible to make the rope fly out with the dart and get the target directly. The aim is entirely in the bamboo tube held by the right hand. If you want it to be high, hold up the front end of the bamboo tube; if you want it to be low, hold down the front end of the bamboo tube. It's the same way to go left and right. However, if the bamboo tube is held up for one inch, the dart must reach more than one foot. As a result, you can't hit the target with a tiny difference in your hand. Only when throwing darts into a circle, we must use the full strength of our arms. If not, the dart is slow and weak, even if the bull is beaten, it will not work. When the left hand becomes active, it should also be slightly energetic and should not be completely removed. If the rope is long at the back, the mind will swing, and it is not easy to aim at the target at the front. -After the dart is launched, no matter whether it hits or not, it should be withdrawn quickly, not slowly. The way to receive the dart is to pull the left hand back, while holding the bamboo tube with the right hand, still falling into a circle like when sending the dart. If you don't fall the circle, the dart head will break when it feels a twitch Turn back and hurt yourself. At the beginning of training, even if the target is big, it is difficult to hit. Only after three or four months of training can the dart enter the circle.