Qinna cheng bi ding xiong Analysis


九、arm into the chest 撑臂撞胸

The enemy by hands behind my waist and arms (Figure 25); in my left leg back to the enemy immediately inserted between the feet, heel lift, toes point, and arms elbow, to the above two sides suddenly propped up, lifted the enemy encirclement of the hand (Figure 26); then, I left out, after the center of gravity shift the enemy, the chest, ribs with elbows punched back below (Figure 27).

Key points: when the arm moves to the upper body slightly forward, suddenly left front leg lock; the enemy prison, after the elbow should shoulder loose shoulder, elbow tip force.

十、 top crotch hit the chest 顶裆撞胸
Before I left the enemy by lock throat (Figure 28); with my left hand right dial up immediately, and left top enemy crotch (Figure 29); the enemy backwards, my left foot forward step down, his legs bent, suddenly to the left elbow top enemy chest (Figure 30).

Key points: left hand push to be slow in the enemy lock throat before; top crotch, hit the chest to be coherent, violent force.

十一、stumbling legs hit the chest 绊腿击胸
The enemy from behind my neck lock with the right arm (Figure 31); my hands quickly caught the enemy right wrist, his right arm to stop force (Figure 32); then my body slightly left, left foot backward interpolation step, fell on the enemy behind the right foot (Figure 32); with the left knee pressure enemy right knee nest I suddenly knelt, and then to the left elbow back against the heart (Figure 33).

Key points: wrist buckle to timely; insertion step, hip twist slightly to the right knee, elbow rapidly and powerfully, leave no room.


十二、 pull arm top rib 拉臂顶肋
The enemy from behind with his hands clutched my throat (Figure 34); turn right on my left foot steps forward, at the same time the body, with the left hand grabbed his right wrist (Figure 35); then, my right foot to foot after inserting the enemy, his legs bent, his left hand pull the enemy while the right arm hard top enemy ribs with right elbow (Figure 36).

Key points: snatch enemy enemy arm and wrist strap matter, right elbow and rib.


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