qin na za tou ding xiong


十七、 the top chest kick legs 顶胸踹腿
The enemy by former bent with both hands to hold my left leg (Figure 49); my hands grasp the enemy two wrist, and left top enemy chest (Figure 50); then, I then left mengchuai enemy right thigh, the enemy fell to the ground (Figure 51).
Key points: to catch the enemy and forcibly pull the wrists, left chest and left top kick to fast, consistent and powerful.


十八、hit head tease crotch 砸头撩裆
The enemy by hands after around my right thigh (Figure 52); right after I quickly turn, change the right lunge, right arm elbow, hit the enemy down against the head, left hand right hand pressing down the enemy plane (Figure 53); then, at the same time with me and then left, right foot back up above the crotch of the enemy (Figure 54).

Key points: when the left foot pedal to push the body back, smashing elbow sinking right hip, back leg kick heel shld.

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