Qin na Fang Shou Skill 擒拿防守技巧


十三、hit the face kick knee 击面踹膝
By using the right hand to the enemy before grabbing my hair pulling upward (Figure 37); I with the potential to grow up, from the bottom to the top left hand pressed against the right hand, and the body left, right against the face of Boxing (Figure 38); then, I turn again to the left, the right foot to the right below the enemy right mengchuai the knee (Figure 39).

Key points: left hand grasping at the enemy right elbow, left hand along the cutting pressure shoved his right wrist, knee to kick back the pedal force.


十四、 knee hit rib 跺膝撞肋
The enemy with the right hand after grabbing my hair and pull down (Figure 40), I turn to the right after the right to homeopathy, hold pressure to his right wrist, left hand squeeze fierce enemy, take advantage of the enemy's downward bent when I speed right foot stamp against the outside of your right knee (figure 41); then, I right foot forward step down, his legs bent at the same time, with the right elbow right ribs against the enemy (Figure 42).
Key points: wrist rotation should matter rapidly, hands should be fresh squeezed by the adversary; his knee heel shld.

十五、 cut the neck crotch. 砍颈蹬裆
The enemy with both hands and my right arm after the screw (Figure 43); I along the twisting force, the body to the left turn, left knee, left hand suddenly cut back the enemy neck, the enemy will loosen the right hand (Figure 44); then, my upper body bent, with his left foot speed back crotch enemy (Fig. 45).

Key points: turned to fast, suddenly cut palm should be strong, after the kick to be ruthless, Lida heel.


十六、hit the face of tease crotch 砸面撩裆
The enemy left hand grabbed my left wrist, right hand push my left elbow (Figure 46); me right after the turn, while the right foot backward interpolation step, then subsequently back hit the opponent's face (Figure 47); the enemy hit wonder when my left hand jerked back, the body center of gravity in the left leg, at the same time right foot back up above the crotch of the enemy (Figure 48).

Key points: to twist, plug my step to defuse the hostile control, right fist hit the fast, back leg kick foot force.

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