Piotr training kung fu in china

my name is piotr Braniewski, from poland ,1 week


training kung fu in chinese taizu shaolin kungfu school .

My master has been Master Shi Yan Hao who has been incredibly patient with me, taught me many things and has constantly amazed me with his high level of skill and ability in Martial Arts. Master Shi Yan Hao speaks good English and is able to demonstrate and explain technique and theory in a good level of detail which I found very useful.


The schedule is physically and mentally challenging but I got used to the pace pretty quickly and found time and energy to practice after classes. I discovered that many other students do extra training outside of the schedule and would be found either on the pads in the evening or practicing forms around the school grounds.
I never expected to improve my flexibility, be able to show any grace in movement and certainly did not expect to be able to do any jumps and rolls. However I was surprised at how much I improved in all of the above during my stay. So I would advise people coming to the school to not have fixed pre-conceptions of what your abilities are before coming as I think you can improve in more ways than you would expect.

Overall my experience has been positive and I feel that I have learned a great deal in a short space of time. I plan to return to the school and learn more in the future.

Advice for newcomers: if you want to train yourself before coming to the school, focus a big part of that training on stretching. You will definitely need flexibility.

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