Handan an in Hebei Province, southern, located in Taihang Mountain, Bordered by the four provinces in the hinterland , Hebei Province is one of the oldest cities in China and also a famous ancient cities. Handan has a long history, culture and history.

Handan is a 3000 years of histor Old Town(Spring and Autumn Period History), There is the establishment of Handan, Handan was already a populated city. Warring States Period, after 158 years as the capital of Zhao, Qin unification are located Handan County, Handan County. Handan prevailing economic prosperity, prosperous and developed, and Chang'an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Chengdu, the capital of the same five said.

Handan City is a "national historical and cultural city," as early as 8000 years ago in the early Neolithic ancestors here Cishan multiply recuperate. As early as 7300 years ago, here it gave birth to the early Neolithic cultures magnetic mountain magnetic mountain ancestors in this area, set up their own homes, creating a world-famous "magnetic mountain culture."
In Handan long history in the process of birth and its profound history and culture, this is descendants of ancestors left us a precious spiritual wealth. Amid the 8000 years of history forged into the top ten cultural pulse of Handan. There Zhao culture, magnetic mountain culture, Nuwa culture, Cao Wei Jianan culture, Northern Qi grotto culture, dream culture, Cizhou culture, Guangfu Taiji culture, idioms culture, revolutionary culture border.

handan-qibuguo guangfu-taiji-gucheng

Unique natural environment and history, so Handan city has a rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscape. Handan favorably natural scenery, Rolling the Taihang Mountains, the lake water potential boundless Jingniang Lake, the mountains and water to add a lot of this ancient city scenery of the gas.