Mehdi from France


I have just completed 1 month of training at the Taizu Shaolin Kung Fu School , have had the most incredible experience.

I arrived with no previous martial arts experience .
The Masters at the school are unbelieveable skilled and are clearly very passionte about teaching, and taking the time to work with you closely to help you push yourself to your limits both mentally and physically.

Traning here is hard work and casues plenty of muscle sorness (especially in the first week!), but it is also very rewarding and enjoyable.

With the teaching mix of basics, forms, meditation, power training etc. classes are varied and we are able to cover a large portion of the martial arts culture. Also the location of the school allows us the use of the nearby mountains and scenery when training outdoors.
The students at the school are very welcoming and motivating during and outside of class, with people from all around the world attending the institution.
This school has exceeded my expectations and if I didnt need to return to university in September, I would have most definietly exteneded my stay for a lot longer!