hong quan wushu 洪拳

Hong quan is the traditional martial arts of Han, belongs to Chinese martial arts, which is characterized by vigorous rhythm, chastity; rigorous, generous stretch; from first to last in a line, all the outstanding characteristics of shaolin. When practicing "eyes like lightning, hand walking, attention oblique view"; Chuquan arms bent not straight and curved, not straight, get out of it; the body to roll in,Step solid and flexible, foot and hand tight, with foot, hand foot drop.This posture is low, short time strength, with one major change.


This is a kind of Changquan boxing. The contents of a pan, boxing potential, fa and li lun: the pan is basic training; the boxing potential that is routine; method called play; Li is the boxing theory.

This dragon, tiger, lion, leopard, elephant, horse, snake, crane, monkey, tiger pictograph and combined with the characteristics of Wushu skills and creation. A single form of boxing, such as dragon, tiger and so on; there are mixed martial arts, such as tiger and crane fist, five form Taijiquan and ten style boxing etc..
The style is characterized in that the technique is rich, kicking less, step steady potential strong, hard bridge hard horse, bold powerful, to destroy, to shout.
This requires the body is steady, heavy. A hand fist, palm, finger, claw, hook, hand crane etc.. There are heavy bridge, ring bridge, seal, punch, insert palm, etc..

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