Eighteen Methods Of Qin Na 擒拿十八法


Eighteen Methods Of Qin Na Is a martial law and Chinese folk martial arts experts summed up in long-term combat in combat. It is pointed out that once the enemy caught hold of me or a part of the body, I can play directly attacking the enemy vital. In this way, not only to fight against each other, but also freed himself.
When you are caught, you want to hold the post, you must understand the enemy's body posture, balance and strength of the size of the change, the only way to more accurately use "every take will play" this rule. At the same time, we should also try to use the power of each other, pushing his grasp, hold the hand, or use to make it out of control action. In addition, but also to twist adversary, and by then, to obtain the "fight" and "hit" the power of time.
Below, the eighteen methods listed on every take will fight to do an introduction.

1 、 Cha mu ti dang 插目踢裆 
The enemy from the front with the left hand grabbed my wrist (Figure 1); my speed to the left hand above the enemy forward inserted eyes, and pumped back to the right hand wrist turning force (Figure 2); when I take the enemy back, the focus moved to the right leg, left foot to kick against the crotch (Figure 3).


Key points : plug palm fast, Lida fingertips, drew his hand back to fierce, and at the same time with inserting the palm. To be ruthless, kick, Lida toe.

2 、 zhuan shen hou deng 转身后蹬 

The enemy by hands after holding my right wrist, and clockwise twisting (Figure 4); I Shun enemy twisting force to the left turn, right arm elbow (Figure 5); then, I focus on the right leg, left leg and knee to the left hips, waist bent, left foot back above the enemy. The abdomen (Figure 6).


Key points: twist twisting should shun the enemy force, right arm elbow can relieve pain; after a quick tic.

3 、zhuan shen Ji xiong 转身击胸 

The enemy with his right hand grabbed my wrist from the front after the screw (Figure 7); I along the twisting left after the turn, while the left foot backward interpolation step, fell on the enemy after front (Figure 8); constantly on the move, I continue to turn left, and left arm elbow to elbow sideswiper enemy chest (Figure 9).

Key points: to twist suddenly and quickly, this can be locked by the enemy behind the right hand; the left elbow sideswiper to be ruthless, Lida zhoujian.

4 、Guan Er Ji Lei 贯耳击肋 

The enemy by former with his right hand grabbed my left shoulder (Figure 10); I left her open outward and downward the enemy right hand, and the center of gravity shift in the left leg, right foot to kick his feet before the left knee, right hand waving fists changed upwards foe ear (Figure 11); my right foot forward step down, legs knee into horse, at the same time by the enemy attacked the panic of the machine, then turned down to hit the enemy left rib, left chest protection (Figure 12).


Key points: the left hand on her right hand to feint enemy action, right foot kick his knees, toes up, Lida feet palm, right hook to shake the wrist force; hit the enemy ribs fist, the little finger force.

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