Daniel Studying kung fu

my name is daniel , I'm a doctor. From Sweden  , 1 month

I tried Kung Fu for the very first time at the Shaolin Kung Fu School in handan <China ancient capital,Birthplace of Taichi,Cultural city ,Martial arts village >. I was curious about the moves and the philosophy and basically wanted to know a bit more about it. This is exactly what I got: a broad overview of this martial art.

kung fu Classes vary every day ,have tai chi  chuan , shaolin kung fu , chi kung ,wing chun ,ba ji ,wu xing ba fa more,

The school is set in idyllic setting, with peaceful lakes and with kingfishers and beautiful Chinese buildings. The accommodation building is a bit more basic, but comfortable enough.I would really recommend this school for people who've never tried Kung Fu before, however, be aware that a week is short and you'd better aim for at least a month.