Cun Quan Wu Shu 寸拳武术

China of the traditional martial arts zhi yi, also known as Cun Quan , it pays attention to the short distance quick punches hit their own powerful punch to burst out all their power to defeat the enemy. That is, the shortest distance, the outbreak of the greatest power. Master #BruceLee early practicing Wing Chun, later created Jeet kune do based on Wing Chun, they all belong to the inch punch. By instinct's leading maximum potential and play as the main body, to Jane, to the spirit, to power, to the fierce.

With the fist through the mainland than they beat them down more dangerous in the moment. There is no doubt that the shorter the time to defeat or defeat an opponent in combat, the higher his security,

The external causes the so-called "inch punch" refers to the power generation, through some external training means to achieve strong punch or make every part of the body can "Kung Fu" as the goal. That is to say, training is not only to make the muscles beautiful, more importantly, must make it have enough lethality and destructive force, so as to hurt opponents.

Spiritual power is generated by the spirit of power to inspire human potential force, also known as "power". The training method was a simple and effect is: holding a piece of about one kilogram of metal rods, warning to the station, holding a stick straight ahead toward the nose several times until the attack, can do the whip like boxing such as rapid and explosive. It can not only enhance the punching power and improve the punch speed, after a period of practice, you will feel empty in a punch, there will be more impact, this is the spirit of a miracle". Through the above three steps of cultivation, should have "mechanical force, energy, energy," these three basic forces. But also need to coordinate the movement in the right tactics under the guidance of the three kinds of force with the same, this realm we often speak of the "harmony", "Shun", "whole" and "instinct", "Yi fa".

Melee and force is a unified whole, once the grasp and make good use of it, will become a "master's".