Xingyi Boxing is one of the traditional martial arts China. Xingyi inception called liuhequan, namely heart and parataxis, parataxis and chi ,chi and power, the shoulders and hips, elbows and knees, hands and feet together。

Xingyi boxing originated from the Xinyi Liuhe boxing style and formed a unique character of it own. Xingyi boxing came to be well-known as a martial art style after it's creation by Li Luoneng in 1856. Xingyi means to imitate the shape (Xing in Chinese) while fully understand the meaning (Yi in Chinese). It pays much attention to the combination of both inner and outer exercise.

Because of Xingyi action symmetry, strict, complete and harmonious, which is accurate and highly coordinated motion between the central system so long practice Xingyi can make active muscle, muscle and muscle coordination against the cerebral cortex corresponding coordination, but also make central and plant nerve also has high accuracy and Freemasonry, so as to improve the coordination between the central