Qin Na Commentary


五、The top of the crotch of chest film  顶胸拍裆
The enemy by hands after two to grab my shoulder after the move (Figure 13); I quickly left back, bent knees crouched into the horse, turn left by the physical force to the left elbow top chest (Figure 14); then, I left the door, turn right into the right lunge body, at the same time with the left hand back below the crotch of the enemy (Figure 15).

Key points: swivel, step, top chest at the same time, we should turn suddenly, elbow to quickly shoot, should have thrown fresh crotch.


六、the ventral surface 蹬腹击面
The enemy from the front with his right hand grabbed my left shoulder (Figure 16); my speed with his left hand upward and outward open arms of the enemy right hand, and the center of gravity shift in the left leg, right leg knee lift upwards mengdeng enemy abdomen (Figure 17); I step off the right foot forward, his legs bent, and the right to face the enemy (boxing speed figure 18).

Key points: right foot pedal force before the heel force rapidly; right turn left by the boxing surface should be a potential.

七、top crotch abdominal 顶裆蹬腹
The enemy by former around my waist and arms (Figure 19), I moved to the center of the left leg, his hands clinging to the enemy, and the enemy right knee top crotch (Figure 20); the enemy release your hands back, I take advantage of right foot forward by mengdeng enemy abdomen (Figure 21).

Key points: hold the enemy body and the top crotch at the same time, to prevent the enemy by my knee when push; kick is issued in behind the back, if still with my personal enemy, can be changed to the right knee combo, or alternating left and right knee strike.


八、even the head of elbow 连肘击头
The enemy from the left with both hands around my waist (Figure 22); my upper left twist, and left elbow back at the enemy head (Figure 23); the enemy hands off my waist back, my body then turn left, at the same time with the right elbow forward swept above the enemy head (Figure 24).
Key points: Swivel elbow and elbow to quickly, at the same time, force to be fierce, the focal point for the point of the elbow.


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