Guido Paech From Germany

I decided to apply for a three weeks training at Taizu Mountain shaolin kungfu school in December. Withoutany experience in martial arts, l arrived with little expectations regarding the progress.

Master Xu, Master Guo and Mrs Wu Xia did change my mind during my stay.The first week was very hard for me, but a first class training provided  by my masters brought me up to that magic point of no return when you start wanting more,During training both masters always kept an eye on my individual status and were able to adjust session goals accordingly.

guido-peach-training-photo guido-training-tai-chi

Due to this indiviolual and intensive training ,I was able to manage four different Kung Fu forms up to twenty steps and several basics,E,g Sanda steps.This is much more than I would ever expect. I also raised my fitness level and body strength as the result of an ongoing power training.

Further more, l felt always welcome and trealed like an oldfriend, of course, it is never easy to adapt a different lifestyle but master xu, master guo and mrs wu xia made me feel like home.

I want to say, thank you: for everything, and  I hope that many students will share the same experiences at the tai zu mountain shaolin kungfu acdemy

Guido Paech