Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Form

what is tai chi kung fu fan form ?

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan is a unique bodybuilding martial art exercise blending the movements of Taiji boxing and other martial arts and dances. The movements are strong and flexible, aggressive and defensive, full of elegance and beauty and the impressive power of martial art. It is both ornamental and artistic. There is a kind of Taiji fan featuring the pattern of Taiji fish. Hard paper, bamboo basketry, bamboo frame or plastic frame and cloth cover are adopted in making the fan. The plastic ones are becoming popular these years.

Taiji is a unique style of martial arts fitness project, which combines Taijiquan and other martial arts, dance movements, and Tai Chi Fan waving movement combination, firmness and flexibility, can attack and defend, full of beauty and elegant styles of martial arts is masculine dignity, with ornamental and artistic exercise.


The Tai chi Kungfu fan absorbs the essence of Chinese Traditional Wushu. It combines the movements of Taijiquan with the martial arts of different styles, and combines the waving of fans with the techniques of Tai chi movement.

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