Muay Thai

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques.This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on shins is known as "the art of eight limbs" because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins, being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full-contact fighter very efficient.

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. It was developed several hundreds of years ago as a form of close-combat that utilizes the entire body as a weapon.

Today its definitive origins are debated by modern scholars, as much of the muay thai history was lost when the Burmese ransacked Ayudhaya, Siam’s capital city in Thailand, during the 14th century.

Most written muya thai history was lost when the Burmese looted the temples and depositories of knowledge held in Ayudhaya, and what volumes were saved are now national treasures that are preserved and protected as documentation for Thai culture and heritage.

History of Muay Thai & Origin

The history of Muay Thai can also be traced to the middle of the 16th century. During the battles between the Burmese of the Konbaung Dynasty and Siam, the famous fighter Nai Khanomtom was captured in the year 1767. The Burmese knew of his expertise in hand-to-hand combat and gave him an opportunity to fight for his freedom. Soon after winning the match, he was freed by his captors and allowed to return to Siam. He was acknowledged as a hero, and his fighting style became known as Siamese-Style boxing, later to be known as Muay Thai. This fighting style was soon to be recognized as a national sport.

Muay Thai is referred to as the "Art of Eight Limbs" or the "Science of Eight Limbs", because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, thus using eight "points of contact", as opposed to "two points" (fists) in boxing and "four points" (hands and feet) used in other more regulated combat sports, such as kickboxing and savate. hands become the sword and dagger; the shins and forearms were hardened in training to act as armor against blows, and the elbow to fell opponents like a heavy mace or hammer; the legs and knees became the axe and staff. The body operated as one unit. The knees and elbows constantly searching and testing for an opening while grappling and trying to spin an enemy to the ground for the kill.


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Muay Thai For Beginners
The Beginners Program at Evolve Vacation is catered towards students with no previous Muay Thai experience. Everyone is welcome. Athletic experience is not necessary and fitness levels can be at zero. Students in the Beginners Program will be taught the fundamentals of Muay Thai starting with basic stance, movement, and footwork. Once your foundation is secure, we will advance to basic punches, Muay Thai elbow strikes, kicks, and knee strikes. Basic defensive techniques will be taught in conjunction with the basic offensive attacks.

In addition to building a solid Muay Thai foundation, our Beginners Program will also help develop physical strength and cardiovascular endurance. The classes will be physically challenging, but also manageable for beginners. Each individual student’s physical conditioning will be taken into account by our World Champion instructors, and the pace of their training sessions will be adjusted accordingly.

Most newbies will spend the length of their stay in the Beginners Program, building a solid foundation of technique, strength, and conditioning. In some cases, students with excellent work ethic and talent will move through our Beginners Program and advance into the Intermediate Program rather quickly. Our World Champion Muay Thai instructors will advance students to higher level classes based on their discretion.

Who is it for ?
Absolute beginners to the art of Muay Thai
Muay Thai practitioners looking to review and perfect the fundamentals
Casual martial artists seeking to learn world-class Muay Thai
Fitness enthusiasts
Aspiring Muay Thai fighters and mixed martial artists

The King of Thailand is an avid fan of Muay Thai. Since being crowned its popularity has grown more than in any other era in history.

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